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Simplify state compliance and be empowered with Endeavour, the umbrella school designed for homeschool families. Experience the freedom to focus on what matters most, whether you are part of a tutorial, co-op, or 100% at-home.

Now accepting applications from residents in Tennessee for '24-'25!

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Recognized as a Category IV umbrella school by the State of Tennessee and a proud member of ACSI
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Benefits of choosing an umbrella school in Tennessee

In the state of Tennessee, there are 3 options for homeschooling.

Independent homeschoolers operate directly under the supervision of their local public school superintendent. Parents are required to submit notices, records, conduct standardized state testing, etc. and can be subject to inspection.

Accredited online schools are private schools that provide curriculum and allow instruction at home - these are different from tutorials - and often more expensive. The key if you go this route is to pick the right school for the right child at the right time.

Umbrella schools like Endeavour provide:

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Simplified Compliance

We keep up with state regulations, maintain academic records, and submit required reports on your behalf

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Personalized Education

Be empowered with the flexibility to choose your own curriculum and teaching methods tailored to your child(ren)

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Access to Resources & Support

Join the community and get expert guidance alongside fellow homeschooling families

Designed for all flavors of homeschooling

We understand, appreciate, and accommodate the nuances of each homeschool setup. The choice is yours!

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Seamlessly integrate teacher-led curriculum with at-home learning plans

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Simple collaboration and resource-sharing that play to your strengths

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Our platform gives you ultimate flexibility and comprehensive support

Manage your education plan in one place

Stay organized and adaptable with our all-in-one platform that simplifies homeschool management.

  • Set educational goals
  • Celebrate milestones
  • Built-in state compliance
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A trusted partner in your family's homeschool journey

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Simplified Compliance

Stay stress-free with our easy to follow process, customized for your unique homeschooling situation

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Tailored Support

Get personalized guidance and resources, no matter your homeschooling style or experience level

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Maximize your teaching time with our user-friendly platform and efficient tools designed to help you stay organized and focused

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Community Connection

Join a network of like-minded families, sharing experiences and learning from each other, while growing together

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Curriculum Matching

Discover the highest rated curriculum for your child's unique learning needs. We replace guesswork with data.

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Future Ready

Equip your children with the skills and knowledge to succeed in a rapidly changing world through innovative approaches to education

Enroll in the umbrella school of the future, today.